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Monday, June 6, 2016

It has been a while

For those of you who follow this blog, or stumble across it on your search for artwork, I have not been posting here too often and have been favoring Instagram and my FB page Lisa Wicka Art.  Facebook groups themselves pose quite a few obstacles so mostly my in progress work is shared on instagram @Lwicka

Images of my finished work and exhibitions can be found at my website at

I will from time to time use this blog when I feel I need to talk through some things so I am not giving up, but be sure to follow me on my other platforms for more frequent posting.

That being said, here are some progress shots of a piece I have been working on for a few months now :)

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Small Spaces Lafayette

I have been asked to contribute a few works around town, in particular on boarded up/ overlooked areas around town. Below is the first completed piece. I created this piece with consideration to surrounding shapes and patterns with the intention of drawing attention to not only the piece, but the area surrounding it. To see other artist work and follow the project click here.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Spaces Between - Now up in Bloomington, IN

Here are a few installations shots my current solo show "Spaces Between" now at the Ivy Tech John Waldron Arts Center through August 28th, 2014.  Feel free to stop by and take a look for yourself!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Spaces Between: Upcoming Solo Exhibition

Hope you can join me reception night at my upcoming solo show, Spaces Between. I will be showing work that explores the dialogue between internal and external architecture and the body as a mediator. This work has stemmed from artist residencies (Sweden & Canada) where I have intentionally placed myself somewhere new. This work is a visual representation of the conversation and exploration of these new spaces.

I will be available during the reception and hope to see you there! Please feel free to pass this on to others you may think are interested and live the Bloomington, IN area! 

Facebook Event Page:

Can't make it to the reception? That's ok! The exhibition will be up the whole month of August!

AUG 1 - 28TH, 2014



Saturday, May 10, 2014

ART ALLY: Melissa Diaz

ART ALLY: Melissa Diaz

Melissa Diaz is a Brooklyn based artist and art therapist. This Florida native received her BFA in Painting at the University of Central Florida. In 2006, she moved to New York to pursue a Masters degree in Art Therapy from Pratt Institute. 

As an artist, Melissa creates environments reflecting elements of life, growth, transition, shared experience and coexistence. She uses these environments to form a transitional space which welcomes play and introspection.  Melissa concentrates on micro and macro habitats, utilizing simple/child-like materials to demonstrate how fun and accessible art can be.  In her art therapy work, Melissa specializes in an Open Studio approach, working with adults with mental illness and special needs children. She hopes to further integrate the therapeutic elements inherent in art making and the fine art community aspects of creating.

Additionally, Melissa is a community art activist, working towards starting a non-profit organization based on her community arts series, Open House Brooklyn. Melissa uses her artwork as a means to form a relationship with the surroundings and the viewer, paralleling her framework as both an artist and therapist.

Melissa and I both went to the University of Central Florida with a a year or so inbetween us.  Although we knew each other then, and knew of one anothers art adventures, our personal and professional relationship really blossomed in New York.  We were able to collaborate and work together on projects such as Flexas a group show @ Texas Firehouse, the Deitch Art Parade and Melissa's Open House Brooklyn events to this day. She also was a large part of a show I curated at Purdue University titled Makeshift in 2012where she resided in the gallery 5 days and invited visitors to participate in constructing a hut in the middle of the gallery. (see first image)

I asked Melissa to talk about her favorite memory of us work together - she replied:

"So many memories... I am going to have to name a few. First memory is all of the crazed and fun late-night studio times in undergrad. Highlight including, a giant baby head created by Lisa, which dwelled in the painting studio of UCF for years! Second, would have to be the Deitch Project's Art Parade of 2006, in which a part of my walking float consisted of strapping a dollie (with a pad of fluffy grass on it),  to Lisa's pants, as she pulled it along through the parade! Last, the exciting and crazed times at Purdue for the MakeShift show. Lisa was a stellar show director and we pulled some old school all nighters, followed by the viewing pleasures of Chocolat. Our time working together is always filled with fun, stress and a bit of mayhem.  In the end, I cherish all of times collaborating and it's always a big success!"

In her work, Melissa's choice of materials are playful and come together to invite viewers to participate and become part of the piece.  In the case of the Makeshift show at Purdue, I enjoyed watching students reaction to Melissa's work.  The students were very hesitant at first to participate or "mess things up", but with a little time you could see their own transformation right along with the work as they eagerly exploring new materials, techniques and relationships with those around them.  When the finished piece stood alone, the individual marks made by weaving yarn, twisting paper, and tying ribbon were visible - both the process and result were reminiscent of a birds nest, a place of comfort, a home.  

This comfort, playfulness and sense of community weaves through everything that Melissa does from her artwork, her art therapy to the Open House exhibitions she curates.  By providing creative transitional spaces, she allows us to feel a sense of home we can carry with us wherever we go.

To learn more about her work or to attend or participate in any upcoming Open House exhibits....

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Updating Print/Collage Images

I have been back now for about a week and figured it was time to document the work completed at a recent residency.  So feel free to check them out at

My choice of texture and color where based primarily on my interpretation of the space around me.  I referenced existing textures/patterns such as the chipboard walls of my studio, and the floral wallpaper in the stairwell of the house in which I was staying.  I approached these pieces in an almost opposite way that I normally work.  I tend to start with a solid white background and work with geometric shapes, texture and line within that space.  These pieces however, started with a textured background and forced me to problem solve in a new way.  Although a struggle at times, I am happy with the resulting work I was able to make.  Forcing myself to be further away from a concrete plan allowed new combinations and techniques to rise to the surface.  I am interested to see how this new approach will influence my other work.