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Saturday, July 5, 2008

my weblife

-Well, as most of you know, I seem to have a million places where parts of my artwork is, in addition to the "real" website which was ancient and lately under fake construction (i wasn't working on it, who are we kidding).  So I have discovered blogspot! It is pretty easy to keep up to date so I have spent my saturday morning/afternoon uploading mostly EVERYTHING onto this site, I am sure there are a few things missing but it is a whole lot better than before.  The pieces are pretty much stuck up there with not a lot of descriptions but from now on, the new updates will be better.....
-In addition, as most of you know - I am starting a new endeavor, of painting peoples wedding cakes.  I have started already building a portfolio at which can always be accessed on this site as well.  Please let me know your opinions and recommend me to anyone you think might be interested. I am now taking a break on those paintings in hopes for commissions :-)
-I believe what has started all this organization and new beginnings is the fact that I have a studio space to work in for a while...nothing like paying for a space to be a little kick in the butt I guess.  It has been pretty productive so far and I hope it continues.
-If you are new to my work, take a look around, leave some comments and let me know what you think.  If you are interested in a studio visit, just contact me by email and we can set something up.  Enjoy!

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