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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Cut ups

Here is first completed piece from the figure drawings I have been doing.  I am literally cutting them up and creating new figures out of them.  I was unaware how many I would actually have to do before these would start to make sense for me...and I am getting close!  I am enjoying the spontaneity that is happening, and I am liking the unplanned things that are happening better than what I actually intended.  There is something nice to cutting with an blade vs. digitally - there is no going back!  It is kind of putting me outside my element and I am having fun with the results.

Exchange VII: Contemporary Prints at Purdue

Here are some images of Exchange VII, currently up at Patti and Rusty Reuff Gallery at Purdue.  This show is a compilation of print exchanges purdue grads and faculty have participated in this past year.  Up for another week, so if you are around you should check it out!!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

test shots for upcoming installation

Test shots for an installation proposal I am working on. This piece fits in a window and allows outsiders to see this distorted silhouette, and invites them to find the one spot where the perspective makes sense proportionally as an anamorphic illusion.