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Saturday, June 30, 2012


Fotopoymer!  It is a nice technique, allowing for easy gray tones in an intaglio form.  Printed a few black on white, and an edition of 5 on yellow BFK with Chin Colle.  

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Algarden Residency in Boras, Sweden

I am two weeks into my residency here in Boras, Sweden at the Algarden Gallery and Workshop.  It it beautiful here, lots of green growth and rolling hills, and a whole lot cooler than home! (I am wearing sweaters!! love it)  I thought I would post a few things I have been working on...

one is a series of 3 pieces, 3 panels (30x33 total) each of etching, monoprint, drawing, collage, prismacolor and encaustic.  Each piece consists of 3 panels creating an architectural form that can be altered when the pieces are re-arranged.  (new photos will be needed)

I am also working on a 11x15 series where I am exploring building and transitioning architectural spaces.  These pieces are responsive and require decision making in the process of printing.  It is nice to be working on these and the other ones simultaneously.