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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

ART ALLY: Rochelle Fox

ART ALLY: Rochelle Fox

Rochelle Fox is a fine artist and textile designer working in New York City. She has studied art and design at the University of Central Florida, the Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland and the School of Visual Arts in NYC. Rochelle has exhibited her work in galleries throughout the United States, including the Monmouth Museum, the Orlando Museum of Art, The Morrison Hotel Gallery Loft, and Christie's Auction House for the 2009 Tibet House Annual Auction.

Rochelle draws inspiration from forms in nature, Japanese prints, Indian art, Impressionism, and Gothic architecture. There is a spiritual, meditative quality to her work that invites the viewer to discover a deeper sense of meaning. The illustrative, delicately detailed worlds of blossoming gardens, swirling vines and radiating colors are symbolic of balance, metamorphosis and the complex relationships that intertwine our lives together.

I fist met Rochelle in Undergrad at the University of Central Florida.  She was a graphic design major, and I an animation major– but both our hearts were all about fine art.  Whether it was drawing, printmaking, art history our foundations courses – we motivated each other to go above and beyond. (I am sure our competitiveness was part of it as well).  When I think of our first years together as friends, they are sleepless ones filled with coffee, charcoal and ink.  I asked Rochelle what her favorite memory of us working together was and she mentioned the found object portrait we did is 3d design.

“It was the week of finals and Lisa and I were both taking 4 studio classes with projects due every day that week. There weren't enough caffeine-filled drinks or hours in the day to complete these projects, but somehow we made it happen. For one of our final projects we had to create a free standing, found object self-portrait. One night I went over to Lisa's house so we could finish our self portrait sculptures in her garage. We had the garage door closed as we drilled, hammered and glued pieces together, hoping they would stay in place at least long enough to make it through critique the next morning. Lisa's mom would check in on us every few hours, providing milk & cookies and moral support. After a while we were both laughing so hard that our sides hurt… we soon realized that the glue we were using required proper ventilation. In our delirious, sleep-deprived state of mind we picked through the piles of rubber bands, nails and miscellaneous parts to slowly form our portraits one piece at a time. My junkyard scrap material figure sat cross-legged on a reclined "chair" of computer parts while reading a "micro chip" book in the Florida sun. We were able to miraculously finish our projects just as the sun was coming up. It was pointless to sleep for 2 hours so we carefully placed our projects in a box and drove to school, literally holding our eyes open and blasting music to stay awake. Those were the days!”

It has been years since then, and it has been exciting to see Rochelle’s work evolve to what it is today.  Her use of line always creates such activity and in her latest work, these lines create a fluidity that wraps and blooms around itself making it reminiscent of stained glass or illuminated manuscripts.  In her most recent series "Floating Gardens" Rochelle has woven together her passion for painting, drawing and creating patterns of repeating elements. The free-flowing graphite drawings that initially come to life in her sketchbooks are transformed into mixed-media collages on wood. This series explores Rochelle's love for nature, particularly its calming qualities and ability to regenerate over time.

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