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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Updating Print/Collage Images

I have been back now for about a week and figured it was time to document the work completed at a recent residency.  So feel free to check them out at

My choice of texture and color where based primarily on my interpretation of the space around me.  I referenced existing textures/patterns such as the chipboard walls of my studio, and the floral wallpaper in the stairwell of the house in which I was staying.  I approached these pieces in an almost opposite way that I normally work.  I tend to start with a solid white background and work with geometric shapes, texture and line within that space.  These pieces however, started with a textured background and forced me to problem solve in a new way.  Although a struggle at times, I am happy with the resulting work I was able to make.  Forcing myself to be further away from a concrete plan allowed new combinations and techniques to rise to the surface.  I am interested to see how this new approach will influence my other work.

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